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Seniors Guide to Qld Help App

The Seniors Guide to Qld Help was created to support older people to find help for a wide range of topics. This guide is a collection of helpful tips for common issues that seniors sometimes face.

About Seniors Guide to Qld Help App

The Seniors Guide to Qld Help is designed to assist people seeking information for themselves or for those who are
caring for an ageing loved one. It is also especially helpful for those working in the aged care and community care
industry in Queensland to find quick referrals for clients.


The app can provide users with easy to access information on

  • navigating new sectors (eg: finding aged care for your parents or partner)
  • finding, help and support for specific life issues
  • understand rights, and
  • knowing where and how to lodge complaints and seek resolutions.


The app has three main sections:

  • Search for Help – Main help section for finding information and help for a range of topics (see below)
  • Contacts – A directory of organisations that can provide support
  • About this App – An overview of the app


Seniors Guide to Queensland Help can be downloaded for free on the App Store or Google Play.


An Overview of All Subtopic Content

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