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Disability Advocacy

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Disability Advocacy
What we provideWe provide information, referrals or individual advocacy support to people with disability who are experiencing issues with:
  • support services
  • discrimination
  • unfair treatment
Eligible clientsPeople with a permanent, or likely to be permanent, disability where there is substantially reduced capacity for communication, learning, or mobility and the need for ongoing support services, may be eligible for advocacy support.

The permanent disability may be classified as:
  • physical
  • sensory
  • developmental delay
  • Acquired Brain Injury
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • cognitive, neurological or learning
  • psychiatric or mental health illness
  • or another disability.
For those under the age of 65, issue specific disability advocacy is available throughout Queensland.

For those of any age, issue specific disability advocacy is available in the Gold Coast and Rockhampton regions.

We can help with …

We help eligible clients address issues such as:

  • problems with providers, supports or government agencies
  • unfair treatment or discrimination
  • difficulties accessing support services
  • NDIS access, difficulties accessing supports, planning, service delivery, and reviews
We cannot assist with NDIS appeals. See, ‘We cannot help with’ below for referrals.

We may be able to help eligible clients with the above issues, to:
  • access information and referrals
  • understand and exercise their rights and freedoms
  • speak up and express their views and wishes to others through self-advocacy, or individual advocacy support
Our Service

Our advocacy service is:

  • short term and issue specific
  • free
  • individual – we work with each individual, to help give them a voice
  • independent – free from conflict of interest, not affiliated with direct care providers
  • client directed – we don’t make decisions for you, we can help you understand your options and follow your direction
  • confidential – we seek your permission before acting and follow strict confidentiality processes
  • We take privacy and independence seriously and can only communicate with our clients directly and the people they authorise us to talk to.

ADA Australia’s Disability Advocacy Service is funded by:

  • Commonwealth Department of Social Services under the National Disability Advocacy Program (NDAP) for the Gold Coast and Rockhampton Regions (all ages)
  • Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors, Queensland Government for state-wide support (under 65).
We cannot help with …

While we provide a range of services to our clients, ADA Australia is unable to assist with issues outside of our scope of service, such as NDIS Appeals. Please contact the below organisations for support in this area:

  • QAI (Queensland Advocacy Incorporated)
    Phone: 1300 130 582
  • PWD (People with Disability Australia)
    Phone: 1800 422 015
  • Legal Aid Queensland
    Phone: 1300 651 188
  • Advocacy support or assistance outside of Queensland
  • Centrelink issues – please refer to Centrelink Complaints Process – 1800 132 468
  • Housing or rental issues – please refer to QSTARS 1300 744 263
  • Retirement Village issues – please refer to PAVIL (Caxton Legal Centre) on (07) 3214 6333 or the Department of Housing and Public Works (07) 3008 3450
  • Providing recommendations on care providers or aged care facilities – please search for an Aged Care Broker Service
  • Financial or legal advice

To contact us to see if we can help you with your issue, select the ‘Click here to Request Advocacy Support’ button below to complete an online enquiry. If we cannot help with your issue we will try to find an appropriate referral for you.

Disability Advocacy – Case Examples
Below are some case examples of things our advocates have been able to assist with.

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Anne’s Story

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Daniel’s Story

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Rachael’s Story

If you are a person living with disability and you are considering advocacy, contact us to see if we can help.

Where possible, ADA Australia encourages people to advocate for themselves where they feel confident. For tips on self-advocacy go to our page Self – advocacy.

For more information on our experience working with clients, go to Our Clients.

ADA Australia offer a large collection of resources. Go to ADA Australia Resources or Aged and Disability Resources for helpful links and downloads.