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Elder abuse advocacy

Supporting vulnerable people

About elder abuse advocacy

ADA Australia provides information and individual advocacy support for older people living in residential care who are experiencing or at risk of elder abuse. Abuse may be:

  • Physical: eg. pinching, squeezing, slapping, pushing or using restraints
  • Psychological/emotional: eg. threats, humiliation, harassment, verbal abuse
  • Financial: eg. forced changes to a will, transferring money or property, withholding funds, neglecting to pay bills
  • Social: eg. restricting access to family, friends, activities or services
  • Sexual: eg. any sexual activity to which the person has not consented
  • Neglect: eg. abandonment, failing to provide the basic necessities of life and care
  • Chemical: eg. over or under medicating

How we can help

We help people to uphold their rights and be heard in cases of potential or actual elder abuse. This may include help with:

  • Understanding their rights
  • Negotiating with formal or informal decision makers
  • Deciding on an agreed action plan to reduce a person’s distress.
  • Referral to appropriate support.

We can also help with representation at the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT).

Who is eligible

Eligible clients for this Elder Abuse advocacy service are adults over adults over 65 years who are:

  • Residing in residential aged care; and
  • Experiencing or at risk of experiencing abuse from their formal (Enduring Powers of Attorney) or informal decision makers, carers or friends
  • Living in the areas where we work (see below)

Where we work

This service offers support to people living in the Greater Brisbane region including: Brisbane, Moreton Bay, Ipswich, Logan and Redland Bay Council areas.

How we work


Free from conflict of interest, not affiliated with direct care providers


We seek your permission before acting and follow strict confidentiality processes


We take privacy seriously and can only communicate with our clients directly and the people they authorise us to talk to.

Client Directed

We don’t make decisions for you. We can help you understand your options and follow your direction.


Our services are free of charge. We are funded by the Australian Government to deliver elder abuse advocacy.


We work with each individual, to help give them a voice

Short Term & Issue Specifc

We work with you to solve a specific problem

What we cannot help with

ADA Australia’s Elder Abuse advocacy Service is unable to assist with:
  • Cases outside of the Greater Brisbane area (see eligibility above)
  • Cases involving clients living in their own home or the community
  • Financial advice



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