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Privacy Policy

ADA Australia is committed to protecting your privacy. This policy outlines how we manage privacy protection of your personal information, in accordance with the privacy law.

What are our privacy obligations?

Our policy is designed to protect the privacy of our users. The privacy obligations that apply to the operation of ADA Australia concern the collection, use, and storage of personal information.
In dealing with personal information, ADA Australia adheres to the obligations outlined in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and any applicable state or territory privacy laws.

What personal information do we collect and hold?

ADA Australia will only collect personal information which it deems necessary for its activities, including information required by funding bodies. We will only hold personal information directly related to our functions and activities, and only use this information for the purpose/s in which it was collected.
We collect personal information from people who are connected to our operations and activities. This includes, but is not limited to, recipients of our services, employees, participants in advocacy campaigns and health professionals.

How do we collect and ensure the protection of your personal information?

Information may be collected directly by ADA Australia, or by people/organisations acting on behalf of ADA Australia. Additionally, information may be collected from ADA Australia’s website and call centre.

We do not share information about you with other agencies, organisations or providers without your permission, unless:

  • It is necessary to provide you with a service that you have requested
  • You would reasonably expect, or have been told, that information of such nature is usually disclosed to individuals, bodies or agencies
  • It is required by law
  • It will prevent or lessen serious and imminent threat to somebody’s wellbeing or life.

We have systems and procedures in place to protect your personal information from misuse and from unauthorised access.

Our website

Some functions of our website, such as the management of content are run in consultation with a third party organisation. Third party organisations within Australia are bound by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

What are ADA Australia’s web-based services?

As part of our service delivery, we provide information, advocacy and guardianship resources and third party information on our website. While we offer a subscription based digital newsletter, a user must ‘opt in’ by signing up for the newsletter with their email address.

What personal information does ADA Australia collect and hold from website users?

We will only collect information from the website where a person chooses to provide that information. No data that could reveal your identity is collected by simply browsing or downloading content from our website.

Website usage and cookies

ADA Australia may collect a range of technical information. This information includes your server or IP address, general geographic location, and the date and time of your browsing session. This information is used for development and statistical purposes.
When browsing our website, we may use software that has been embedded (such as JavaScript) and we may place small data files, or ‘cookies’, on your computer or device to collect information about the pages you view, how you reach them, and the length of time spent on each page. This enables us to review and adjust the accessibility and readability of content accordingly.
Though a cookie does not identity individuals, it does identify devices. You can set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie and this will provide you with the opportunity to either accept or reject the cookies.

How does ADA Australia ensure the personal information it holds is accurate?

It is important that the information provided to ADA Australia is accurate and up-to-date. If your circumstances or personal information change, we ask that you provide us with an update so that we can continue to provide you with high quality service. We will always take reasonable steps to ensure that the information we hold about you is accurate and up-to-date.
If you would like further information regarding our privacy policy, or if you have any concerns over the protection of your personal information (or that of others), please contact us on.