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The Advocate – November/December 2023 edition

The Advocate - November/December

Season’s GreetingsAt the end of the year I like to reflect, with a bird’s eye view, on what’s happened at large for the people that we represent and support – older people, and people with disability.

The Advocate – September/October 2023 edition

The Advocate - September/October 2023 edition

Happily, seniors are centre stage. Not only is it Queensland Seniors Month, a month-long celebration and recognition of what seniors bring to our communities, but there is also significant progress on developing a new Aged Care Act, one which will finally put older people at the centre of aged care. The Queensland Seniors Calendar is […]

The Advocate – June/July 2023 Edition

The Advocate - June/July 2023 Edition

New doors, but same at heart.I am happy to announce that the doors are open for two of our newest services – ADA Link North Queensland care finder service, and outback Seniors Legal & Support Service. ADA Australia has grown a lot. We are now delivering services as part of a number of advocacy and […]