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Supporting Financial Decisions

Supporting the financial capability of people living with intellectual disability

People living with intellectual disability can face barriers as consumers when wanting to improve their own money skills and make independent financial decisions. Even though these individuals have the same financial rights as others, they often are not encouraged to improve their financial capability.

Video resources have been developed by ADA Australia (supported by Ecstra Foundation) to address this issue. The short video resources Supporting Financial Decisions, offer those living with intellectual disability and their supporters a way to help learn about rights and the responsibilities involved in supported decision-making processes.

The Supporting Financial Decisions’ videos can help educate the community about:

  • The rights of individuals who need support
  • The responsibilities of financial supporters
  • Real stories of people who have become more financially independent
  • How to find services that provide other resources to develop money skills

The videos are freely available on YouTube. Closed caption versions of the videos are also available.

The Stories

Click on each picture below to watch the video

Claire’s and Michael’s Stories – This video offers real world examples of people living with financial independence despite their intellectual disability. It shows the journey of Claire, Michael, and their supporters on their financial capability journeys.

Jessie’s Story – Jessie’s story portrays a situation where Jessie has her mum as her informal financial supporter, and together, they grow her financial capability.

Li’s Story – In Li’s story, he had the unfortunate experience of being taken advantage of by others financially. A Tribunal then appoints a financial decision maker for Li, and we follow his journey of increased financial capability as he develops his money skills.

Using the Supporting Financial Decisions Video Resources

We encourage you to utilise the video resources in the following ways:

  • Shown to individuals or a peer group for discussion, to educate people living with intellectual disability
  • Links sent to parents or supporters of people who live with intellectual disability
  • Used as a staff training tool to raise awareness of the need for improving the financial capability of all people and inspiring staff as to what is possible
  • The videos can also be looped to run as a continuous education series in organisation or clinic waiting rooms for public education

The Supporting Financial Decisions videos are freely available on YouTube for public access. Below is a list of the direct YouTube addresses.    

Help Spread the Word

Everyone has the right to have a say in their finances, even if that person needs help making decisions. You can help spread the word about this important issue and let others know about these free video resources.

Supporting Financial Decisions Flyer

The Supporting Financial Decisions flyer has been designed to allow organisations in Australia that help people with these issues to also add their own contact details in the white blank box. Individuals who watch the videos and want some help can then find a local ‘next step’ for their own journeys

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Project Acknowledgment

The Supporting Financial Decisions project and videos were developed by ADA Australia, proudly supported by Ecstra Foundation 2019. The Supporting Financial Decisions resources were launched at the Supreme Court Library in Brisbane, on 6 August 2019.

Thank you to the valuable contributions to this project from our talent contributors (Claire, Julie, Michael, Madeline, Luke, Felice) as well as our intellectual disability focus group participants and our industry reference group contributors (Office of Public Guardian, Public Trustee, Community Living Association, Financial Counselling Australia and Carers Qld).

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