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Aged Care & Disability Resources

If you are looking for resources related to aged care services, including residential aged care, home care and community care services, please see the below details for more information.  If you would like more information on how to make a complaint, or would like disability support, the below details may also be of assistance.

If after reviewing the below resources you are still unsure which forms you need, feel free to call us for further assistance.

How to access aged care services

There is a single entry point for access to government subsidised aged care services. Go to or phone 1800 200 422.

My Aged Care can provide you with information about:

  • The different types of aged care services
  • Eligibility for services
  • Conducting and arranging assessments
  • Helping you to find local services to meet your needs
  • Estimating fees and costs of your aged care services.

Residential aged care resources

Home care resources


Carer resources

  • For general Information and access to national carer resources, go to Carer Gateway
  • For national access to carer associations around Australia, go to Carers Australia or call 1800 242 636.

Complaint resources

Decision Making, Guardianship and administration resources

For a comprehensive list of guardianship and administration resources, including Enduring Power of Attorney and Advance Health Directive information, please go to Decison making resources.

For resources to promote ADA Australia please go to ADA Australia Resources