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Health Decision Making Training

Get your ‘Toolkit’ for health decision making in order

This health care decision making workshop aims to educate participants on health care substitute decision making, particularly when caring for clients who have limited decision making capacity, or when Enduring Powers of Attorney are in place.

These short workshops (2 hours) offer important insight into the legal and ethical aspects of substituted decision making for health care matters. It offers essential background information for those in roles that undertake health decision making processes on behalf of others.

Topics include:

  • Health care decision making
  • The four substituted decision making pathways: Advance Health Directives, Attorneys under Enduring Power of Attorney documents, Guardians and Statutory Health Attorneys.
  • Informed consent and the right to refuse care
  • Principles for decision makers and understanding exploitation in substitute decision making.

Workers who understand these important topics can better protect their clients human rights, feel more confident in the type of decisions they can make and know how to undertake healthcare decision making professionally. These workshops are particularly essential for anyone in the health, aged, disability or related workforces (nurses, carers, allied health, social workers).

The attached flyer outlines pricing for this workshop and other related training.

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