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ADA Australia Launches New Self-Advocacy Toolkit

ADA Australia has launched a new Self Advocacy Toolkit for adults with disabilities and their supporters.

The toolkit is built around a series of Speak-up Guides designed to inform and instil confidence in people who may not be confident in speaking up and being heard.

Confidence begins with having access to accurate information and the guides and short videos are designed to provide this in ways that are easy to understand.

The Self Advocacy toolkit provides guidance on the following topics:

  • How to speak up for yourself
  • Problems with the disability support or care services you access
  • Navigating general services, such as telephone companies or banks
  • Accessing supports through NDIS
  • Problems where you live
  • Accessing aged care support
  • Options when leaving hospital
  • Centrelink pensions

The toolkit is not a replacement for support from a Disability Advocate but provides additional help.

A goal of the Toolkit is to allow organisations to encourage their clients to access the Speak-up Guides and develop their self-advocacy skills. Organisations will be able to edit the guides to include their own contact details and who in their organisation is the contact person(s) when a client wishes to speak with someone.

All things that are hard to do at first get easier with practice and this may be the case with self-advocacy. The information in the Toolkit is a fantastic first step in becoming your own most powerful advocate.