ADA Australia

Our Clients

ADA Australia supports a variety of clients in the aged and disability sectors including people from special needs groups. We deliver high quality advocacy, guardianship support and education services to older people and people with disability. Where possible, ADA Australia will refer you to the appropriate service when we are unable to assist. If you are unsure if ADA Australia can help you, please call us on 1800 818 338.

Our client groups include:

General Advocacy

You may be eligible to receive general advocacy support for service-related issues if you:

  • Receive or seek access to a Queensland Community Care or Australian Government funded aged care service
  • Are the carer or representative of a person receiving the above services and have the client’s/resident’s permission to engage with us on their behalf.

If you are unsure whether you meet this eligibility criteria, call us on 1800 818 338 to discuss your situation, or visit our advocacy support section.

Guardianship Advocacy

You may be eligible to receive guardianship advocacy support if you have a decision making disability and need support:

  • At a QCAT Tribunal hearing where your capacity for decision making is being questioned
  • For new guardianship applications and administration orders
  • To review existing guardianship and administration orders.

To find out more, go to Guardianship Advocacy.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients

ADA Australia acknowledges the history, struggles and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia and is committed to Reconciliation.  ADA Australia is working towards it’s Reconciliation Action Plan which will be available soon.

ADA Australia has dedicated Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander advocates to support our clients, and all ADA Australia staff are trained in cultural awareness and sensitivity.  We supply a wide range of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander specific resources, which are available to view or download from our Resources section.

Our experience in engaging with and responding to the cultural needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities was recognized in ADA Australia being chosen to host the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Disability Network of Queensland (ATSIDNQ)

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) clients

ADA Australia has a dedicated Multicultural advocate who specializes in working with and supporting clients from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. All ADA Australia advocates also have experience working with translators to ensure clients are able to be heard during their advocacy process. This website can also be translated into any language by selecting the Language tab at the top right of the page.  Some of our printed resources are translated into other languages, to find out which languages are available Contact us .

LGBTI clients

ADA Australia acknowledges the experiences, struggles and achievements of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex people in Australia. We actively engage with the LGBTI communities, and continue to improve our services to ensure they are safe, accessible and appropriate. As an organisation we work towards building sustainable LGBTI representation within our staff.

Our LGBTI identified staff members within the Advocacy team are able to support you to:

  • Explore care options and access appropriate care services that understand you;
  • Safely and genuinely express your views and wishes on your terms;
  • Provide assistance to work through care-related issues;
  • Access all of your rights and responsibilities when you are receiving care;
  • Connect with other specialist agencies and LGBTI community organisations where appropriate and requested by you

Regional, Rural and Remote clients

ADA Australia is committed to supporting people who live in rural and remote communities. Currently, our advocates make regular trips to regional areas in Queensland and also support clients by phone where appropriate. As part of our commitment to improving services in regional and rural areas, we will soon offer staff training via webinars, to enable people in these locations to be also able to access our training.

Please visit our Webinar’s page for more information.

Industry Professionals

ADA Australia offers a range of information, education and training services. This training aims to improve the awareness, knowledge and standard of support provided to clients and residents in a range of sectors. Current staff training options include Advocacy, awareness of Older Persons Mental Health and Guardianship.  ADA Australia’s education has supported the professional development of many staff in various roles including aged care and community care workers, nurses, doctors, social workers, allied health staff, disability workers, lawyers, and others.

To learn more about our education and training courses and resources, visit our Education  page.